Connect to Earth


Connect to Earth


PLAY WITH - mountain pose (tadasana), crescent / low lunge, half splits, bridge pose

EXPLORE - strength and the structure of your body 

AWAKEN - awareness in your relationship to gravity 


Explore your connection to the Earth and your relationship to gravity through the lense of Tadasana, Mountain Pose.  Become attuned to the integrity and strength through the centre of your body - the central channel of your spine and all musculature that supports your ability to walk upright on the Earth. Use this practice to create a structural awareness of your body, while at the same time initiating a blueprint for healthy posture.

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Nicole Walsh

Nicole Walsh has been a driving force in the Sydney yoga community since she opened the doors of her first yoga studio in 2002. Over her 20 year teaching career, she has become one of Sydney’s most respected teachers.

Passionate about sharing the teaching journey with others, Nicole has been training and mentoring yoga teachers since 2006, instilling a heart-centered approach to teaching in all her trainees.  Nicole guides her students via an embodied experience of yoga and meditation, translating yogic wisdom into practical skills for living, so that they may thrive in modern life.  She is eternally grateful to her teachers Shiva Rea, Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine for their ongoing wisdom and support.

Nicole’s weekly classes offer an uplifting and progressive approach to Vinyasa Flow Yoga, infusing a dynamic combination of breath-inspired movement and creative, yet balanced and intelligent sequencing, with real-life down-to-earth wisdom.   Nicole is a regular contributor to Australian Yoga Journal magazine, and her writing has also been featured in Wellbeing, UltraFit and Women’s Health Magazines. Nicole has taught at yoga events such as Wanderlust, Ignite Yoga Summit, Byron Spirit Festival, Sydney Spirit Retreat, Sydney Yoga Conference and Sydney Festival. She leads workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in Australia and overseas.


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