Hip Mobility


Hip Mobility


PLAY WITH: yogic squat (malasana), goddess squat, skandasana, box pose

EXPLORE: mobilising your hip joints and legs 

AWAKEN: improved posture, circulation and creativity


Hip-opening postures are a key movement pattern that anyone can benefit from. Not only do those poses increase circulation, being the main connector from the upper to lower half of your body, but also greatly improve posture and stress response. Enjoy creating a bit of stability through your pelvis so that you may ease into releasing the residual holdings of life.

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Liza Purtzer

Liza has come from the competitive world of dance, and discovered that the benefits of yoga extended far beyond the her expectations of what she might physically experience on the yoga mat, helping her to heal mental and physical blockages in her life.

“Through yoga asana practice, I love to explore rhythmic and intentional movement to cultivate self-love and connection. Staying true to the practice, I’m always aiming for presence rather than perfection.” 


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