Inner Zest


Inner Zest


PLAY WITH: half crescent lunge, aeroplane, humble warrior, bridge pose

EXPLORE: sweet movement into your body

AWAKEN: balance in your conscious space


"Play with creation as it plays with you." Embrace the change that comes naturally through the intimate seasons of your life. Whether you're a regular practitioner of yoga or just getting into your practice, you might recognise a difference in your desire and ability each time you step onto your mat. This practice honours those subtle shifts within and creates vitality within your body and lubrication through your joints. Celebrate the experience of your own body's feedback (sensation) taking in your inner and outer environment as the festival of life.  

This is a recording of a livestream class.

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Sarah Moore

A passionate teacher of meditation, Rod Galbraith’s greatest love lies in sharing the wonder and delight of the subtle practices of yoga.


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