Open Steadiness


Open Steadiness


PLAY WITH: warrior 2, tree pose, triangle, extended hand to big toe pose

EXPLORE: open hip standing balances 

AWAKEN: trust through your foundation


Call upon the great strength of your glutes and legs that carry you through life with purpose. This practice will guide you through a steady breath that creates the perfect environment for you to balance on one leg while you enjoy extra awareness in your pelvis. Glide through any wobbles and uncover the unwavering space of calm within. 


This is a recording of a livestream class.

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Liza Purtzer

Liza has come from the competitive world of dance, and discovered that the benefits of yoga extended far beyond the her expectations of what she might physically experience on the yoga mat, helping her to heal mental and physical blockages in her life.

“Through yoga asana practice, I love to explore rhythmic and intentional movement to cultivate self-love and connection. Staying true to the practice, I’m always aiming for presence rather than perfection.” 


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