Our Purpose



Our Purpose @ InYoga


We believe that yoga is a practice to be lived.  No matter where you’re starting your yoga journey from, we’re committed to guiding you on this organic, evolutionary journey to transform your mind, body and heart.  Our approach to yoga weaves together ancient wisdom and modern science, and all of our online classes and programs are thoughtfully designed to help you thrive both on and off the mat, from anywhere in the world

Our four pathways to wellbeing will help you live, know and love a life in yoga!





Become a more vibrant version of yourself and discover optimal health through our inspiring online yoga asana classes.

Our mission is to guide you through a physical practice that transforms your body and mind, leading you to a place where you are able to experience states of ease, grace, joy and connection, every day of your life.




Discover a deeper connection to your heart and mind through meditation, breath work and guided relaxations.  

Meditation is the essence of yoga, and an intrinsic part of all of our yoga classes, whether they are dynamic and energising, or smooth and rejuvenating.  It’s the greater knowledge of these practices that will have a profound effect on your life and will help you discover your fullest potential.




Be part of a heartfelt community of yogis around the world!

Our online courses and programs will connect you with yourself, and with others.  From yoga beginner courses to get you on the path, to yoga teacher training where you can dive deeper into knowledge, immerse yourself in a course and community to inspire and celebrate holistic living and your ongoing journey toward optimal wellbeing.

If you’re a yoga teacher, stay tuned for our soon-to-be-launched “Teacher’s Hub” - a place to learn, grow and connect with like-minded teachers, share inspiration and up-level your teaching.


A life in yoga


Create the space in your life to be the best you can be, follow your dreams and celebrate living your life in yoga!

Unlock and engage your potential both on and off the mat through our online and in-person offerings, teacher trainings, workshops and retreats.  We’re committed to helping you live YOUR life in yoga!