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Roll out your mat and practice with us anywhere, anytime. Inspire your yoga journey with our library of yoga, meditation and wellbeing classes for all levels.

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If you're around Surry Hills you're welcome to join us for the community vibes in our beautiful rooftop yoga sanctuary.



What’s available on a Free Plan?

Explore a couple of our favourite classes, and get a taste of what’s to come with our paid plans. You can also purchase one-off short courses for a deeper dive into yoga, meditation and wellbeing.

What is included in an Online Plan?

You’ll get access to our complete on-demand library of yoga, meditation and wellbeing classes for all levels. Search our full library for fresh inspiration and save your favourite classes to your account for next time. Content is updated weekly, so there’s always something new to explore.

What extras come with Online+ Plan?

In addition to full access to our on-demand library, you’ll be able to join our weekly live stream classes for that in-studio experience. Book it into your diary and join us live!
Selected short courses in yoga, meditation and wellbeing practices are part of our most popular membership.

What are the benefits of a regular yoga practice?

You’ll feel more free in your body and more clear in your mind - that’s a given. You’ll probably start sleeping better and making healthier choices. Improved mood, less body aches and pains and an increased sense of overall wellbeing are commonly reported by people who practice yoga on a regular basis.

How often can I practice?

You can practice every day, if you like! We recommend doing something on a daily basis, so you create an ongoing habit of self care. A 15 minute meditation can do wonders for your mental health even if you’re pressed for time. Save longer practices for days when your schedule is clearer.

I’ve never done yoga, how do I start?

Firstly, congratulate yourself for taking your health and wellbeing into your own hands! Our Align classes are a great introduction to give you the foundations. Start with shorter classes to build up your strength, and look out for our Beginner Course, coming soon! Always listen to your body. Yoga should leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted, not exhausted, so pace yourself as you learn to flow.

Why is InYoga.Online different from other online yoga platforms?

We believe yoga is a pathway towards overall wellbeing of body, energy, mind and emotions. Physical fitness is just one part of the whole, so while we offer classes that are designed to build strength and flexibility, we always aim to address the other “layers” of your being. Bringing your mind and nervous system into balance is important, as is creating a more harmonious relationship with yourself and others. Our practices will leave you feeling good (as well as good about yourself!) inside and out.

Why are there four pathways?

Some days we want to eat Italian food, and other days we feel like sushi. Some days we want to move our bodies, and some days we want to slow down and rest. Our bodies, energy, minds and emotions are in a continual state of flux. Our four pathways (Body, Energy, Mind, Connection) give you the opportunity to practice in a way that suits the mood of your body, energy, mind and emotions on any given day. Feel sluggish? Choose a Body class that will get you moving. Feeling burnt out? Enjoy an Energy practice that allows you to rest deep and rejuvenate your energy. Have an important meeting today? Do a Mind class to cultivate focus and clarity through meditation. Our Connection pathway will give you the chance to refine your technique and learn about ‘why’ yoga works, so that you can get the most out of your practice - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Is meditation difficult to do?

Meditation is actually a very natural process that everyone is able to do. The tricky part is to find the right technique, and one that has you feeling comfortable and relaxed as you develop the skills of attention. Check out our range of meditation classes that will explore a variety of techniques. Or dive into our four-part course, Meditate For Life, available with our Online+ Plan.

How do I become a teacher?

Sharing yoga with others is a joy, and becoming a yoga teacher is a wonderful way to dive deeper into your own practice as you learn how to teach others. We’ve been training yoga teachers for 15 years, and would love to help you on your journey. Check out www.inyoga.com.au/teachertraining for more information.

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